About Our Team

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides some incredible capabilities that can have a large impact on the success of your organization.
Concrete Software's Cloud Services team has the expertise and technologies to help you utilize the cloud.

We use our AWS expertise and technologies to help our customers improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their business operations.

We have strict quality standards - our solutions work well, with a very low error rate. We plan for reliability and scaling to meet demand.

We have great engineers who built the backend services for our games and analytics infrastructure for our company.

These are areas we specialize in

Automating business workflows
  • Financial operations and order processing
  • Importing data from 3rd parties, analytics data processing, and reports
Mobile app services
  • Game services such as leaderboards, inbox messaging, and notifications
Development tools
  • Continuous integration pipelines and SonarQube code analysis

These are some of our partners and customers

  • AR/VR application with cloud-based delivery system
Rapala® and GameMill Entertainment National Hockey League® (NHL) Professional Bowlers Association® (PBA)

These are some of the solutions we've built


CloudFace is a product soon to be released on the AWS Marketplace. It is used by longer-running processes to get user input using forms sent by email.

Mobile Analytics Tracking

A distributed analytics system that supported millions of game sessions per day and 3000 requests per minute. It persisted game session and event data and copied it to a reporting database for analysis. It had several levels of data verification, including in-app purchase verification with Google and Apple.

Team Play

A Team Play leaderboard service used by NHL and Rapala mobile games to submit scores that could contribute to a team score, with distributed caching of leaderboards for fast retrieval and updating.

Other Game Services

In-game inbox messaging, advertising mediation, and push notifications.

App Sales Tracking

The system pull daily sales and analytics data from several partner systems and has advanced reporting capabilities to track revenue and other key app metrics. See this case study:

ARPU by User Acquisition Source

We implemented an integration between Adjust and our App Sales Tracking system to measure in-app advertising revenue and calculate ARPU for each user acquisition source. See this case study:

Payments and Royalties

The app sales tracking system also handles receiving payment data when revenue is received from partners. It generates automated royalty reports that are sent to royalty partners, which goes through an SWF workflow, with steps for information gathering, draft report approval, a bookkeeper sending the payment, and sending the final report.

Concrete Software Website

The Concrete Software website was migrated from a stand-alone server to a S3/CloudFront solution, while maintaining editing capability in WordPress. See this case study:

These are some of the technologies used by our engineers

  • EC2, Lambda
  • S3, CloudFront, Glacier
  • RDS (MySQL), DynamoDB, Redshift
  • VPC, Route 53
  • CodeBuild, CodeCommit, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline
  • CloudWatch, IAM, Certificate Manager, AWS CLI
  • Cognito, SNS
  • API Gateway, SES, SQS, SWF
  • Java 8, including lambda expressions, streams, dates
  • J2EE – Tomcat
  • Java Server Faces
  • Jackson / JSON
  • Hibernate
  • Apache utilities
  • Maven & Ant
  • Many others...
  • React, Redux
Software Architectures
  • Microservices, SOA, SPA, Layered, Event-Driven, and others.
  • Linux, Python, Jenkins, SonarQube, WordPress

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